Are your legs stiff and tiered and your feet feel on fire ?

Jack Panzica
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Are your legs stiff and tiered and your feet feel on fire ?

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Good Morning, Well , I have a treat for you !

Here is a very simple system Universal 100 by Vox Cruise Control for C-1 and C-2 and maybe C-3

I would never have been able to travel 20,000 miles in 90 days on my 48 State Tour and all of Germany without it.

I would just take off my shoes, (sometimes I remove the gas pedal, and use the metal gas pedal part, like a European car, hanging down) this gives you a great deal of room to stretch out your legs.

My ankles do not like to stay in the gas pedal position anymore.

Very simple system. Uses RPMs from coil to set speed. Works in any gear.

Just hook up to throttle with supplied hardware
Hook up to brake light switch wire, put control (c-2 on side of console) ,
Hook wire to coil.
Hook wire to dash lights for control light
Ground unit
Hook wire to hot lead.

Reads RPM from coil, set it , go up or down, resume

From $100 to 150 if you can find it . It should sell for $100 but it is in demand. Go to Motorcycle shop sites , they some times carry this item.

Here are photos

Unit installed under driver side fender


Wire through spare hole in firewall


Throttle set up


Location of control in my 66


Fits right in you can make a much more professional bracket



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