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Kjør forsiktig , det er vår

Legg inn av C5_2000 » fre apr 14, 2017 12:15

Nå som våre biler med flere hundre hester skal taes i bruk i av mange rustne sjåfører (meg inkludert ) så fant jeg denne historien som skjedde for få dager siden i USA med en Corvette hvor en kar brukte gasspedalen og overvurderte kreftene i bilen sin .
Han hadde flaks og overlevde :

"Hey folks, Im very happy to be alive today and be able to type this post myself. I had a huge wreck yesterday with my 700whp C5z. I lost control of the car trying to accelerate at part throttle the conditions were wet and the temperature was cold around 40F, the rear tires spun immediately when I pushed the throttle a little harder to accelerate. The car spun a few turns until I hit a few metal posts on the side of the road and a parked car @ the dealership and then hit a lamp pole still spinning. Before I hit all of that I hit the side curb and ppl that saw the accident saw the car flying 5' in the air and catching fire midflight probably since I hit the curb with the underneath of the car the fueltank broke and caught fire. When the car stopped being out of control I immediately opened the door to get out and there was already flames from underneath the car going up the rear quarter and driver door. I panicked and got out of the car and ran a little further away. Not even 1min later the fuel tank exploded and car caught fire even more, there was like 15-20' flames. A few mins later the meth tank caught fire and there was another explosion, the hood flew off and the front of the car caught fire also. Anyways, Im lucky that I didnt lose consciousness otherwise Id be dead. I wasnt speeding and I wasnt racing either, just pushed the throttle a little too hard for the conditions that I had, all of that just to pass a car that was in right lane. The car was a beast, and it was my fault, I should have known better. Luckily nobody was injured except me, and Im lucky it was nothing serious. I fracturated a few bones, have a bunch of cuts from exploding glass especially on the left arm where I have pieces of glass that went 3/4" deep into the flesh and a bunch of bruises. Nothing very serious, compared to what it could have been. The car protected me, even though I didnt give it the respect it had to have. Respect the beast friends"
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